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Previous Customers Give the Best Referrals

10/5/2016 (Permalink)

It is always great to have our customer's spread the word about what we do. And it is awesome to run into a former client at an outside event. Here in her blog, Ali talks about her great experience with us!

"And I have to note that this wedding was a big reunion for some of us vendors. Not only did I get to work with Matt from Fisher Video, who is my go-to when it comes to who to recommend for videography, we also saw one of our favorite DJs, Kibar, from Main Event Entertainment who was there as a wedding guest. (I even saw the wonderful Paul who led the team from Servepro who cleaned all the water out of my office after the Great Flood of 2015.)"

To read more, about Ali's work, please visit her blog.

When Accidents happen....

6/14/2016 (Permalink)

Preparing an emergency contact list will help keep everyone involved in the know for who to contact!

For 136,053 people in 2014, their ordinary day turned tragic. Below are the top causes of death recorded according to the Injury facts 2016:

1.     Poisoning - gases, chemicals, prescription drug overdoes, and other substances helped this category overtake motor vehicle crashes in 2011.

2.     Motor Vehicle Crashes - impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, and inexperience keep this category in the top 3 of top related accidental deaths. 

3.     Falls - while third on this list, it is actually the top leading cause of death in those 71 and older

4.     Choking and Suffocation - for all age groups, choking on food or suffocation of an infant falls into this category.

5.     Drowning - there are about 10 deaths per day from drowning. This is the number 1 cause of death in children age 1 to 4 due to them falling pools, tubs, or other bodies of water.

6.     Fires and Burns - As the sixth leading cause of death, working smoke detectors will help reduce the chance of death by alerting homeowners that there is a problem.

7.     Natural and Environmental Incidents - these events claim hundreds of lives per year. Learning about emergency preparedness and how to pack a helpful emergency kit. 

Know who to contact and what to do in case of any of this accidental emergencies. Want more information or an emergency at home contact sheet, please give us a call!

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